Monday, September 26, 2005

Preliminary Stitches Report

I have a feeling that Lisa will be occupied with other matters today (finishing reassembly of the shop? swatching some of that fabulous Skaska skinny yarn she bought? figuring out how to attach an IV drip of Wawa coffee to her wrist?), so here is the preliminary Stitches report from me.

I am hopelessly prejudiced, but I did feel that we had one of the nicest booths at the show. For those of you who didn't make it (and we know who you are), here it is:

We had Koigu (of course!) and Anne, both in some new shades, and Luxe Silk, and some kits, and the new Nashua Creative Worsted (which was very popular), and Nashua's Wooly Stripes -- a great substitute for Kureyon or Silk Garden, by the way -- and Manos, and some sale yarn, and RosieKnits patterns (including a bunch of new ones that debuted at Stitches).

And here is our entry for the Stitches Fashion Show:

Overall, I thought the marketplace seemed somewhat smaller than in years past, and we were all able to think of several vendors who usually were at Stitches but weren't this year. The Stitches management forbade the random taking of photographs (is that constitutional?) so our photos are limited to our own booth. We didn't see nearly as much novelty yarn scarves, or ponchos of any kind, as we thought we might -- I guess most of the Stitches attendees got that memo saying "Novelty yarn scarves are so 2003, so please leave them home." We saw lots of beautiful lacework, which was an unexpected pleasure, mostly in the form of shawls, but also some ponchos and scarves in lace, too.

I am sad, however, that I did not take a photograph -- XRX be damned! -- of the living infomercial right across from us: The $220-Iron Man.

I don't think he sold many.

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Kathy Merrick said...

C., darling, and Lisa and Grace and Dorlynn and everyone, you mist've had the loveliest booth.
Your fashion show outfit is so very Rosie's.
But, I am drooling at the thought of Koigu (sigh) and Anne I may never have seen.
Ah, well, I'll just have to come visit on the train.

Oh, and you know who that photo ban was meant for.