Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Eat your heart out Marc Jacobs!

We are now carrying Penny Straker Patterns.
My personal favorite is the classic owl cable sweater for a baby or toddler. Originally not Marc Jacobs (although he has an owl cable sweater this season for adults, not babies), nor Penny Straker. The owl cable is as old as cute knitting is. The oldest version I have seen was in a Columbia pattern leaflet circa 1942 or so. But, no one knows who designed it originally. All I know is that it is adorable!

Friday, December 22, 2006

More Artyarns (see post below!)

So I ran out of room for all the pictures, but it didn't do these guys justice to just take one picture of all the colors together. The final color of the Silk Rhapsody is:

Mmm...Art Yarns

Two new additions arrived today!
The first is Art Yarns Cashmere 5, which is a hand dyed five ply worsted weight 100% cashmere (say that 5 times fast!) and the second is Art Yarns Silk Rhapsody Glitter, which I am suprisingly mad for. I am not usually the shiny fuzzy yarn kinda gal, but this is sooo soft and lovely I don't think I can resist. I think I am going to re-design Geyl as a stole using it--not that the original Geyl Shawl wouldn't exist! There would just be a new spin on it, in addition.

Okay, so anyways, the Cashmere 5 is 120yds per skein for $44. One skein makes these lovely fingerless mittens: The Art Yarns website says the pattern for these is available for free with purchase but I can't seem to find the right link. Hopefully we'll have some tomorrow!
However, with two skeins you can make this keyhole scarf:


And the Silk Rhapsody:

Grrr...it's doing that thing where it won't let me load more photos!! I'll see if I can do a second blog with the other pics.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The last minute is getting closer!

So here are some more clever ideas for you frantic shoppers!

They'll never know it wasn't your knitting. Rosie's Sample Sale is in full swing down here in the Cellar. There's kids stuff and baby stuff, scarves, hats and sweaters! All made by hand by someone, just not you!

Need something nice for your knitting friend or for yourself (you can always put your child's name on it in the "from:" section before you stick it under the tree!)
We just got in Colinette's new sock yarn, Jitterbug! They retail for $20.50 and you can order by calling 215-977-YARN or just pop on in!


Bright Charcoal


Fruit Coulis


Monday, December 18, 2006

You can make 'em in a night

How about this teeny mitten, now ensconced on our Christmas tree?

Finished in a night, from small amounts of Koigu, using a pattern from Interweave's Christmas Stockings book.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Quick Gift Ideas!

Here are some quick gift ideas for last minute shopping!!

These lovlies are new sock yarn from Autumn House Farms. They come in 4 colors, from left to right you have Bracken, Barn Swallow, Colius and Hattie's Zinnias. The coffee mugs are optional, but a cute gift idea unto themselves. The sock yarn is $22 and the mugs are $9.00 each.

We also have new fancy ring markers called Baaubles, and they really are beautiful! They come in four colorways; Garden Wind, Earth, Fire and Water. Your choice of gold or silver rings.

We also just got in more Denise Interchangable Needles, in the original blue case for $50 or in the pink for $55. The extra five dollars goes to breast cancer research.
We also have the add-ons for the #17 and #19 needles (both $6) and the 40" cables ($6.50).

These little sheep are tape measures from Lantern Moon which retail at a reasonable $9.00. The perfect little stocking stuffer for a knitter, spinner, sheep farmer or whoever! They're so cute!

As always, we are here 7 days a week or you can email us at rosie@rosiesyarncellar.com!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

You know what you need?

A hat.
It is the answer.
No, really, a hat.
You no longer have time to knit him a sweater. You must know this.
A scarf is pushing it--but it can be done.
You really do want a hat.
This hat is fast, easy, takes one skein of Shokay and is the Rosie's project of the month.

These are the colors that the Shokay comes in.
It's 100% yak down, and totally fair trade and sustainable economically for the herders, spinners and dyers in Tibet. Wonderful stuff! Soft as cashmere, but won't pill!!
Gotta love it.
It's $35 for the yarn and pattern, you can get it off our website or call us direct at 215-977-9276!
Don't like that hat? How about this one?
Baby Alpaca.
Pretty colors!
It's a brand spankin' new Rosies Knits pattern!
You know you want it.
I confess, this one is a little more time and labor intensive but it is really nice and I have to push it because I designed it!
It's done from the top down in a stitch called "swag stitch" which according to the text in the big book o' stitches was popular during WW2. I can always be convinced that old is good.

Alpacita Colors:
From left to right is Barn Swallow, Hattie's Zinnias, Bracken & Gorse and Coulis.
The kit for this hat is $25.
This is all too new to be on the website but you can call 215-977-9276 or email us at rosie@rosiesyarncellar.com!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

In memoriam

In memory of our friend and fellow knitter/spinner/weaver, Charles.