Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The last minute is getting closer!

So here are some more clever ideas for you frantic shoppers!

They'll never know it wasn't your knitting. Rosie's Sample Sale is in full swing down here in the Cellar. There's kids stuff and baby stuff, scarves, hats and sweaters! All made by hand by someone, just not you!

Need something nice for your knitting friend or for yourself (you can always put your child's name on it in the "from:" section before you stick it under the tree!)
We just got in Colinette's new sock yarn, Jitterbug! They retail for $20.50 and you can order by calling 215-977-YARN or just pop on in!


Bright Charcoal


Fruit Coulis



Lisa S. said...

What?? Are you guys really selling sample knits?

Anonymous said...

is there nylon in the jitterbug sock yarn? how many yards per skein?

gail said...

how many skeins do you need for a pair of socks?

Courtney said...

Yes, we really are selling some samples!
The Colinette sock yarn has 291 yds. and it is 100% merino superwash. They say one skein makes a pair, and yes, they are right on that--if you make a 4.5 or 5" cuff. There is, however, a sock pattern on the ball band.