Friday, April 18, 2008

Koigu Mori Shawl

I couldn't resist, I took home 3 skeins of the new Koigu Mori last night to play with and I'm hooked. After swatching a few different things I came up with this It's a simple stitch and shows the varigation well. You all know I am a sucker for yarn over patterns, just look at Maude and Geyl. This is truly a pleasure to knit with, the yarn is silky and cool in the hand, which I need today! and the drape is unbelievable.
You can see in the picture below that when blocked, or allowed to stretch out the "ribs" of the k2togs line up nicely and the yarn overs create a nice ladder effect. But when the fabric is allowed to collapse on itself its got an effect that reminds me of the surface of choppy water. The pattern is worked on both sides and the yarn overs are stacked on one another which makes the vertical of the yarn overs have very little structure, which is what causes the pattern to collapse on itself. The yarn overs all slant to the right, which gives the look of a bias stitch pattern when the fabric is allowed to relax.
I think that once this is wrapped around my neck it's really going to look great because of the complexity of the fabric structure, the drape, and the stretch. The pattern is available at Rosie's and is free with the purchase of the yarn. I think (I've worked through one ball of the Mori so far) that 4 skeins is going to be just right, which makes it a nice even $100 project. The finished measurements are working out to be about 12" wide by 50" long, but given the nature of the fabric it is much wider when stretched, and I don't know quite how this yarn is going to block out (I think it isn't going to hold a block due to the drape), and that once it is worn it is going to grow in length due to the collapse of the fabric. I'll keep you posted!

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