Monday, June 30, 2008

Kate's Edelweiss Mittens

Ever since traveling to Switzerland last spring, I have had a little obsession with all things Edelweiss. I was able to quench my thirst a bit last winter with a bright red jacket adorned with Edelweiss ribbon. Without the perfect pair of matching mittens, though, the outfit was woefully incomplete.

Enter a few skeins of O-Wool, some quality time with Excel, every Latvian, Estonian and Folk book we carry in the store (well, not every -- I couldn't carry over 25 books home on the train!) for inspiration and the end result are the Edelweiss Mittens. Knit with an extra long cuff, they are a perfect armwarmer and mitten combination. If a shorter mitt is what you're after, the length is easily customizable to your knitting preference.

The mittens employ 2 and 3 color Fair Isle techniques, knitting, purling, the ability to read charts, increasing and decreasing. The perfect summer project, they are portable, soft, small enough to fit into a beach bag or purse.

If you, too, would like some Edelweiss in your life, download the free pattern here:
The Edelweiss mitten pattern features O-Wool Classic 2-ply. It is a wonderful yarn that comes in an array of gorgeous "off" tones and is certifiably organically grown. The fingering weight feels slightly "in the grease", yet still incredibly soft to the touch in the skein and blooms and softens even more when washed. The tightly spun 2-ply construction gives it strength and stitch definition -- perfect for Fair Isle work -- and would also work well as heirloom baby gifts or other projects made to be worn next to the skin. It comes highly recommended by us at the shop, but is not the only yarn that would work for these mittens. We have at least 14 other yarns that you could use as a substitute. (14!)

If softness is what you want, why not try Pear Tree 4 ply Merino? Or, if you are looking for a more traditional yarn we have Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift or Rowan Scottish Tweed 4-Ply, both a little more rustic and tweedier with a slightly looser twist. If a classic yarn is what you're after but you want a solid color, Baby Ull would work like a charm. New to Rosies (and something we are super excited about!) is Rauma Wool - Gammelserie, Finnullgarn and Lammullgarn. (More on those asap!)

If you are looking for a more modern yarn, we carry Louet Gems, Rowan 4-ply soft, Rowan Cashsoft 4ply and Reynolds Soft Sea Wool. All four yarns come in a wide array of solid colors enabling you to create a bold or subtle combination, depending on your preference. Nature's Palette Fingering, Arucania Ranco and Koigu KPM are all great hand and kettle dyed yarns with subtle shading that would add an additional pop to your work.

Would you hold a hot beverage while wearing wool mittens in the summer?

Come on in, pick out your perfect color combination and knit away! Enjoy! - Kate


Sherry W said...

Yay! Mittens! Thank you.

Robin said...


EmilyG said...

These are beautiful!! Yay!

N. Maria said...

I, too, love Edelweiss!
Thank you so very much for a free mitten pattern!
I will definitely be making these.

Anonymous said...

I have only just discovered this once free pattern and now it is unavailable! Since it was given out for free, is there anyone who could post a copy?