Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's Christmas in July!

Or Hanukah or Kwanza'a.

Make your December holidays less stressful and more about spending time with friends and family (oh, is that what they're supposed to be about?!) by making your gift list now. We all end up spending the last few moments before the family get together running around the mall like maniacs wondering if Aunt Jess would like Strawberry Punch Sparkle Body Lotion (my guess is she would not) or if Uncle George actually cares if he only gets a card this year. And for the chronic procrastinators among us--myself included--getting a head start is not a bad idea. My thinking is that even if I only get one of Max's mittens done by August they are at least 50% done when I lock myself in the bathroom trying to finish the other one at 6 am Christmas morning. 50% done is better than nothing at all.

Here's the scoop:

•We'll take 20% off any yarn you need for your winter gift projects.
So bring a list and be prepared to say, "These socks are for Uncle
Bob! This scarf will be for Mom! I'm felting a bag for my sister!"
It's that simple. (This works on the honor system – we may draw the
line at lists with "Every member of my family has requested Sea Silk tunics.")
Having trouble generating ideas while the temperature outside is 102ยบ?
Don't worry, there will be plenty of staff suggestions to get you rolling. Remember, small gift projects are perfect take-alongs for
vacation knitting.

Sale Dates: Now until July 31st.


Garny LooWho said...

The Graydon sock pattern by Smith Island Pattern Factory is great
holiday knitting!

Lisa said...

I stocked up on Noro and Manos for my parents hexagon blankie. Also got some Noro for the striped scarf from Brooklyn Tweed's blog...I am almost done with my first one! This is a great pressie for anyone looking for ideas.