Friday, December 11, 2009

It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Yarn Store

We've got a shipment (or two...or three actually).

What could it be???

A little of this....

 A little of that....

Believe you me, there is more than you think. New yarns, new colors of favorites...come and get it!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Interweave (Rosie's) Knits Winter 2009

The Winter 2009 issue of Interweave Knits is here and a few of our favorite yarns/designers have made their way into this issue!

Alma's Scarf by Mareike Sattler caught my eye as the perfect wrap to selfishly knit when all of the holiday craziness is over (New Year's Day here I come!). It is sure to please lace knitters as well as knitters who like a fair amount of texture in their projects.  It uses five skeins of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend and the color shown here is Topaz. Is it not your color? Not to worry since we carry all of the colors of Silk Blend for you to choose from, which can all be found on the website!

The Bells of Ireland is another wonderful cardigan by Courtney Kelley. Knit using The Fibre Company's Road To China, it's perfect for wearing next to the skin due to its fiber content. I could take up a huge chunk of blog space and explain all of the benefits of this yarn, but the ladies at Kelbourne Woolens have already done that for me here. They're actually doing a post on each yarn and its qualitites. I think this is awesome because even though the information is on the label and you can ask your LYS what type of project would showcase the yarn, it's great when the company takes the time to do so, in depth, about their yarns.

Rittenhouse 5-Ply Merino has been making its presence known in the Manos del Uruguay yarn family. Marilyn Murphy designed this simple scarf with two skeins of Rittenhouse, with an edging that features reversible cables. This particular issue of Interweave Knits highlights reversible cables, which really pop with the help of the plied merino. Come in, grab your favorite color and get knitting!

Last but not certainly not least, is Bridget's article about the "joys" of knitting gifts for loved ones. We have all promised someone knitted gifts at one time or another. Here's the question I pose to you: Do you finish? Do you deliver? Bridget tells a tale of attempting to do just that, and by knitting socks no less! Maybe it's just me but I thought socks come in pairs...meaning there have to be two of them. Sigh. Gift knitting might be better left to Bridget.

Drop by and we'll have your copy of Interweave Knits Winter 2009 ready for you when you come into the shop!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hello Rosieblogs readers! This is just a notice  that we'll be closed  for the Thanksgiving holiday (we hope you enjoy yours!), but we will be here to take care of your yarn needs on Friday, normal Rosie's hours from 10am-6p! We'll also be operating under normal Rosie's hours throughout the weekend.

Lisa posted this at the beginning of our November newsletter and  I liked it so much, I thought I'd post it again....

It's November, a month of sumptuous feasting.  Here's a Thanksgiving menu made entirely of yarns I'm grateful for: After an appetizer of smoked salmon, we might have grouse instead of the usual turkey.  I'll prepare my stuffing by sauteeing portabellos and celery in butter and seasoning it with sage, sage, sage and more sage.  I'll make a gratin of squash, both butternut and acorn, baked with cream; serve roasted beets dressed with mustard; and grill some asparagus.  We'll drink a nice merlot.  For dessert, our pies will include rhubarb as well as the more traditional pumpkin (with lots of cinnamon, and rum raisin ice cream).  Just to show off, I'm considering a lemon souffle with clementine-lime sauce.Hope you enjoy the bounty of the harvest this season!


Friday, November 06, 2009

Waulking Song Mittens

This month's Project of the Month is the Waulking Song Mittens designed by our own Johanna Marshall! The name of the mittens comes from the Scottish folk songs, traditionally sung by women while waulking.

Waulking, the Scottish name for fulling, is a step in woolen cloth-making which involves the cleansing of cloth (particularly wool) to eliminate oils, dirt, and other impurities, and making it thicker. This involved a group of people beating newly woven tweed rhythmically against a table or similar surface to soften it. Simple, beat-driven songs were used to accompany the work. A waulking session often begins with slow-paced songs, with the tempo increasing as the cloth becomes softer. As the singers work the cloth, they gradually shift it to the left so as to work it thoroughly.

Here's how these mittens came to be. It all began when Jenna, Johanna and I (lots of J's here) had originally planned to each take a wheel of Cestari Pencil Roving and see what resulted for each of us. We often used Cestari when teaching people how to use a drop spindle, but didn't know what else could be knit, having a certain level of substantiation. There are patterns that call for unspun icelandic wool that would probably suit this yarn just fine, but there had to be something else.

Jenna's project was a bust, as was mine, but Johanna was quite successful in coming up with something. She decided to take two of her favorite things & put them together by knitting mittens at a larger gauge than needed, and fulling them. The result is one of the warmest pair of mittens I've stuck my hands into.

You can knit & full them and leave them plain or you can embroider/embellish them as you please. An awesome blog to find free patterns daily is Hand Embroidery Network.  Sublime Stitching also has some great patterns for sale on their website that made me a bit weak in the knees, too.

The pattern is available for download on the Rosie Knits page and the Cestari roving is sold at about $2/oz. Most of the wheels are 3-5oz, making this a super-affordable project! Cestari might not get an encore performance in the shop, so snag a wheel or two while the getting's good!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Kate Davies' Visit

Well, last Sunday's visit from Kate Davies was a fun one! Here's the lovely Magda modeling the neep heid tam above, while Lisa J. is showing off the Paper Dolls tam below.

Among some of the samples (that didn't stay still long enough to be photographed!) was a Paper Dolls sweater of entirely different colors than the original...

Kate was really funny and down-to-earth. Sunday afternoon was a quite enjoyable afternoon had by all. We were so thankful for her stopping, so we figured we'd get her something to show how much we enjoyed her. What's that in her hand? It's an owl-shaped mug! When passing our favorite tea shop, the owl was spotted (ha!) and it was too fitting to pass up. We can't wait for a return visit, but in the meantime we'll be waiting for new things to pop up on her blog. Hopefully that'll be sooner than later!


Monday, October 05, 2009

Stay Tuned....

We apologize for the technical difficulties you may experience if you are trying to take a look at the website. We should be up and running VERY shortly!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kate Davies This Sunday!

In Friday's blog post, I made a reference to a surprise we had in store for today. She broke the news herself on her blog over the weekend, so it's more than safe to announce that Kate Davies will be here this Sunday at 1pm! Kate is the designer of the popular Paper Dolls sweater and O w l s sweater.

You can check out more of her designs on her blog, some of which she will be bringing to show off in the shop.

We'll have tea, snacks, and such the like. Stop in at 1pm, have a chat, sip some tea, and maybe start a project or two.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Special Deliveries Abound!

The season for receiving boxes multiple times during the week is upon us! Today one of our awesome UPS delivery guys dropped off a rather small box, but with some pretty great contents. I present to you Lantern Moon Silk Fan Cases!

They're pretty great in that you can carry all of your needles/crochet hooks without them poking through any bags or getting caught on keys (or headphone cords in my case). For most products, when they make this statement, they're only thinking of straight needles and/or double-pointed needles. Well, my friends, it also keeps your circular needles nice and neat, each needle set tucked away in its own little organza pocket. Silk & organza....mmmm.

The folded 8.5"h by 12"w triangle will fit into most knitting bags and when it's fully open, it measures 17" in diameter. They're $58 per case meaning you'll know exactly what to splurge on when you use your frequent buyer card 20% discount! The good folks at Lantern Moon also gave us a new 3-ring shawl pin.
It's made of the same carved horn that its popular Owl & Cat predecessors are made of. Each shawl pin set is $18 making it a stylish accent for your shawl without breaking the bank.

New yarn was also the order of the week! Say hello to Jamieson's Shetland Heather (top) and Jamieson's Double Knitting.

The Jamieson's Shetland Heather is perfect for those cabled, heavily textured sweaters than call for an Aran weight yarn but not necessarily a tweedy yarn. It's $8.50 per 100-yard ball and the heathery palette can be found here on the website. The Jamieson's Double Knitting is a heavier version of Rosie's mainstay Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift, and is $5.75 per ball. You can pick out your favorite color here and make a beeline for it when you come into the shop.

In other yarn arrival news, we've got lots more goodies coming as well as more to post about. I can say that Rosie's will be having a special guest on Sunday, October 4th. More details will come in Monday's blog post!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Berroco Patterns!

We (like many knitters) were really excited when Norah Gaughan started designing for Berroco. We were doubly excited when we heard Cirilia Rose was hired as a Design Assistant. As a team, this dynamic pair has been putting out great design after great design for the classic knitting company.

This Fall was yet another season that did not disappoint, especially because there are not one, but THREE booklets that focus on a sorely under-represented market: men and "tween" girls.

the first booklet, Norah Gaughan "Men" has sixteen patterns, nine of them sweaters, all designed with -- you guessed it! -- men in mind. They are all very "classic" in inspiration and really hit the mark as projects that are both interesting to knit and desirable to wear.

Geoffroy, shown above, is knit in a knit and purl stitch pattern that has a lot of texture. (the sizes go down to 36" -- many of us here are also considering knitting one for ourselves!) If you're looking for a little more action, Wilson, shown below, has really beautiful cabled patterning that is guaranteed to entertain you throughout and we are sure the finished product will be a classic sweater to last generations.

The other two booklets, Arts + Crafts and #291 Comfort Book for Girls are filled with knitting patterns that are designed to appeal to both parents and young women. (Which, as you all know, is almost impossible to do!)

The patterns in Arts + Crafts are young without being baby-ish, modern without being...well, inappropriate, and appeal to a wide variety of ages and styles. Reves, shown below, is a perfect henley pullover with super cute picot and stripe details, but isn't ver-the-top-girly.

Miroux is a cardigan coat that easily spans all ages -- this is a must knit for both young and old that is really versatile and customizable to your needs/preferences.

And finally, Comfort #291, Book for Girls, is a great accompaniment to the Comfort line of yarn that has quickly become a great basic for us here at the shop. Ferris, shown, below, is a classic Norah Gaughan design that perfectly combines shape and aesthetic interest in a classic way.

and lastly, Candy, a cute jumper with a little bit of slipped stitch patterning for color and texture.

Stop in the shop to grab a copy (or get 'em online!) and get knitting!

Friday, September 04, 2009

We're Still On!

Today Jenna and I came in a bit early to set up for the Sidewalk Sale. We were very excited to put the yarns out and enjoy the nice weather while selling yarn. Unbeknownst to us, there was a movie being shot right in the area. When I say area, I mean right. around. the. corner.

This wasn't a big deal since we took public transportation to get here, but the catering crew caused a bit of a problem setting their grill up directly across the street.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sidewalk Sale!

This weekend, the weather is set to be very nice. Why not come to Rosie's this weekend for our annual end-of-summer sidewalk sale? We've gone through our inventory, making room for more Fall yarns to enable you with, and have found not only some great yarns, but also books and patterns. If there was ever a time when you could fill up your pattern library, or start one, this is a great opportunity.

There will be yarn from Classic Elite, Reynolds, Sublime and others. One of the yarns thatwe'll miss is Rowan 4 Ply Soft. Courtney wrote an obituary for it a while back, but don't worry. We still have some stock, so get it before it disappears!

Come on down during regular shop hours and see what awesome finds are waiting for you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Books, Books, and More Books!

August seems to be a paradoxical time at a yarn store. It can be as hot as Hades outside, but inside there's excitement about the latest fair isle vest worked in an alpaca/wool/angora blend. These are the last things you'd want to think of touching when the air has a 73% humitidy level, but this is why we plan ahead for cooler weather.

It was great when we received our Rowan shipment last week, and now we have even more projects to think of starting now that Classic Elite has delivered a few much anticipated books for the Fall.

If we were to put every picture of every sweater/accessory we thought was amazing, this post could go on for a bit, especially if commentary were to be inserted. Head to Classic Elite's website and click on each issue for previews of each project, and don't forget to come in and pick up a copy of your favorite!


Friday, August 07, 2009

Rowan Alpaca Cotton

I knew we had to have this yarn

as soon as I saw it, which completely baffled Courtney and Kate. When all the Rowan yarns arrived, before it even came out of the box, I think I heard Jenna say "Alpaca and cotton? Isn't that the most ridiculous fiber combination ever?"

Yes, it's 72% alpaca and 28% cotton. Yes, it's fuzzy/shaggy. It does shed while you knit it (ask me how I know). And I still say: it's fantastic. Here's why:

It's light and lofty; it knits at a pretty quick gauge (4 sts per inch, US #8), but it isn't bulky at all. It looks fuzzy like a brushed mohair, but it's much lower pile (so it doesn't add visual bulk to your silhouette), and it doesn't itch (because the fuzz is from alpaca, not mohair). It's nowhere near as warm as 100% alpaca would be (because of the cotton).

To look at it another way, this skein has 148 yds and weighs 50g. Let's compare it to some other yarns that knit at 4 sts per inch: Manos Wool Clasica (and you sure won't catch me dissin' Manos) comes in a 100g skein, but if it were 50g, it would have 69 yds -- less than half. Reynolds' Andean Alpaca Regal would have 55. Even a brushed mohair like Classic Elite's La Gran has only 90. And an all-cotton yarn like Schaefer Laurel would be 88.

Compared to all of those yarns, a ball of Alpaca Cotton will go much farther. This has the potential to make it quite cost-effective, but what I want to point out now is that your finished garment will weigh about half what it would if you made it in any of those other yarns.

What particular applications do I imagine for this yarn? I imagine it for ME. I am (for any of you who haven't seen me recently) significantly overweight. I'm too warm more often than I'm too cold, I don't need any yarn that makes me look any bigger than I am, and my current responsibilities preclude knitting myself a sweater in a small gauge. If this description fits you as well, you might want to consider one of these:

All are sized up to 50" finished bust circumference, by the way -- that's a lot of knitters who won't need to rewrite the patterns.

But don't think this yarn is only for those who wear larger sizes. If you like a warm, cuddly sweater without the itch, check this:

And if you want something a little dramatic for fall-into-winter, try this:

In short, not only do I like the yarn, I think this collection does an unparalleled job of matching the designs to the yarn's inherent qualities.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Guess what UPS just dropped on our doorstep? 6 GIANT boxes of yarn from Rowan. Yum! Pics coming soon, but be sure to drop in and be the first to see all the great new yarns and colors, and the new MAGAZINE!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Under The Radar

Last week, we got a shipment of new yarn! We may have forgotten to blog about it, but I don't doubt that it's been seen, bought, and stashed by a few of our customers already. The yarn is Joseph Galler Heather Prime Alpaca. It comes in the most luscious hank of 665 yards of 100% alpaca. It knits up to 6 sts/inch using a US 5 needle, making it one of the best choices for a lightweight yet warm sweater.

That brings me to some other lightweight & warm yarns we carry. The first one that comes to mind is The Fibre Company's Road To China Light. It pops up in my brain not just because it's one of my favorite yarns to drool over, but also because our gal Courtney has a pattern in the Fall issue of Interweave that calls for that yarn! Check out Freyja!

It also has a matching hat featuring the same colorwork around the crown as the yoke seen above. Stop by and pick up an issue and the wonderful colors of Road To China Light, but don't wait too long...we all know how fast Fall Interweave Knits issues can fly out of the door!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is Fall Here Already?!?

August is almost here and we've already received the Fall 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting!

The Fall issue always inspires and excites people to get back to heavy-duty knitting, especially if they've taken a break during the warmer months. Sweaters upon sweaters are worked up in varying shades of red & gold. Whether it's rust, maize, or something in between, be sure to see more of it in the coming months.

This issue also boasts not one, not two, but ten knit hat patterns! Which pattern is my favorite, you ask? I have to admit that I'm rather partial to Kate Gagnon Osborn's crowning glory. (rav link). (Get it? "Crowning" glory? Ha! I slay me.)

The modified Japanese butterfly lace pattern, with its undulating ribs, give a detailed finish that Kate has proven to have mastered. The slightly slouchy fit guarantees it to be a staple in your wardrobe that can work for both daytime/nighttime atmospheres. The yarn is The Fibre Company Canopy Fingering in Acai, that berry whose health benefits you probably hear about more and more. The small size (shown) takes just one skein! Stop in, snag a copy, and pick out a color for your beret.

Another Canopy Fingering creation is the July Project of the Month, the Twisted Diamond socks. You'll only need two skeins and you've quite the pair of socks to wear or to give to someone as a gift. In celebration of the new Vogue, Kate's design and the POTM, we've extended our Christmas In July sale into the weekend. If you haven't gotten the chance to make some gift purchases, here's your chance to pick from the jar!