Friday, September 25, 2009

Special Deliveries Abound!

The season for receiving boxes multiple times during the week is upon us! Today one of our awesome UPS delivery guys dropped off a rather small box, but with some pretty great contents. I present to you Lantern Moon Silk Fan Cases!

They're pretty great in that you can carry all of your needles/crochet hooks without them poking through any bags or getting caught on keys (or headphone cords in my case). For most products, when they make this statement, they're only thinking of straight needles and/or double-pointed needles. Well, my friends, it also keeps your circular needles nice and neat, each needle set tucked away in its own little organza pocket. Silk & organza....mmmm.

The folded 8.5"h by 12"w triangle will fit into most knitting bags and when it's fully open, it measures 17" in diameter. They're $58 per case meaning you'll know exactly what to splurge on when you use your frequent buyer card 20% discount! The good folks at Lantern Moon also gave us a new 3-ring shawl pin.
It's made of the same carved horn that its popular Owl & Cat predecessors are made of. Each shawl pin set is $18 making it a stylish accent for your shawl without breaking the bank.

New yarn was also the order of the week! Say hello to Jamieson's Shetland Heather (top) and Jamieson's Double Knitting.

The Jamieson's Shetland Heather is perfect for those cabled, heavily textured sweaters than call for an Aran weight yarn but not necessarily a tweedy yarn. It's $8.50 per 100-yard ball and the heathery palette can be found here on the website. The Jamieson's Double Knitting is a heavier version of Rosie's mainstay Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift, and is $5.75 per ball. You can pick out your favorite color here and make a beeline for it when you come into the shop.

In other yarn arrival news, we've got lots more goodies coming as well as more to post about. I can say that Rosie's will be having a special guest on Sunday, October 4th. More details will come in Monday's blog post!


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