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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Could It Be? Fall?!?


We got a bit of a respite from the twins names Heat & Humidity heat last week. While it was lovely to be without them, Summer has come back for one last round (hopefully, one last round because really I can't take any more of this sweltering punishment!). However, Fall is in full force in the knitting world and what better way to realize it than to receive the new Rowan Fall magazine!

It arrived in the shop on Friday with a few boxes accompanying it of some new Nashua yarns. The rest of the yarn was still being packed and should arrive this week, if not later today! The three stories in Rowan's 48th issue are Nomad, designs with over-sized cables in loose-fitting shapes for men & women. Cables are everywhere as the focus of the garment while the construction is simple.  

To the right, Rambler; bottom left, Wayfarer; bottom right, Drifter.

Russian Doll focuses on colorwork and lots of it. This storyline is inspired by the folkloric designs of historic matryoshka nesting dolls and showcases a collection of floral & fair isle garments. Most of them have a look that makes you think appropriately of the very thing the colletion is named for, with the garments having shapes that cocoon the body. Think wraps, shawls, & layering tunics & vests when browsing through these pieces from your favorite designers including Kaffe Fassett & Marie Wallin.

To the left: Nonna
Bottom, left to right: Tamara Scarf & Gloves, Polina, and Lidiya/Lidiya Scarf   

Last but not least is Timeless, a story that shows that classic silhouettes have no age. You'll notice the emphasis on shoudler & sleeve details & vintage colors. No matter the age or the shape, these simple pullovers & cardigans are projects that will last long after you've weaved in the last end. Most of these designs are knit using Cashsoft 4 Ply and Kid Silk Haze, employing the less is more approach to the weight of yarn, ensuring that whatever the body shape, the fabric will flatter!


Top: Wanda
Middle: Agatha x 2
Bottom: Tara 

Well, hopefully that was enough to whet your appetite. Stop in and check out a copy near the front display and take a peek at the yarns featured inside along with the new Vogue Knitting Fall magazine!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is Fall Here Already?!?

August is almost here and we've already received the Fall 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting!

The Fall issue always inspires and excites people to get back to heavy-duty knitting, especially if they've taken a break during the warmer months. Sweaters upon sweaters are worked up in varying shades of red & gold. Whether it's rust, maize, or something in between, be sure to see more of it in the coming months.

This issue also boasts not one, not two, but ten knit hat patterns! Which pattern is my favorite, you ask? I have to admit that I'm rather partial to Kate Gagnon Osborn's crowning glory. (rav link). (Get it? "Crowning" glory? Ha! I slay me.)

The modified Japanese butterfly lace pattern, with its undulating ribs, give a detailed finish that Kate has proven to have mastered. The slightly slouchy fit guarantees it to be a staple in your wardrobe that can work for both daytime/nighttime atmospheres. The yarn is The Fibre Company Canopy Fingering in Acai, that berry whose health benefits you probably hear about more and more. The small size (shown) takes just one skein! Stop in, snag a copy, and pick out a color for your beret.

Another Canopy Fingering creation is the July Project of the Month, the Twisted Diamond socks. You'll only need two skeins and you've quite the pair of socks to wear or to give to someone as a gift. In celebration of the new Vogue, Kate's design and the POTM, we've extended our Christmas In July sale into the weekend. If you haven't gotten the chance to make some gift purchases, here's your chance to pick from the jar!