Friday, October 09, 2009

Kate Davies' Visit

Well, last Sunday's visit from Kate Davies was a fun one! Here's the lovely Magda modeling the neep heid tam above, while Lisa J. is showing off the Paper Dolls tam below.

Among some of the samples (that didn't stay still long enough to be photographed!) was a Paper Dolls sweater of entirely different colors than the original...

Kate was really funny and down-to-earth. Sunday afternoon was a quite enjoyable afternoon had by all. We were so thankful for her stopping, so we figured we'd get her something to show how much we enjoyed her. What's that in her hand? It's an owl-shaped mug! When passing our favorite tea shop, the owl was spotted (ha!) and it was too fitting to pass up. We can't wait for a return visit, but in the meantime we'll be waiting for new things to pop up on her blog. Hopefully that'll be sooner than later!



Lisa said...

Damn, Magda and I need to be on the next season of America's Next Top Model! Had a wonderful time hanging out with Kate. Anyone up for a Neep Heid KAL?

Bridget said...

Oh I wish I could have come! I was working the whole day, and I'm sure I would have enjoyed meeting Kate much more than I enjoyed dealing with the ignoramuses that showed up for tours. (Not that I don't just love them, you know ...)