Friday, April 11, 2008

New Silk and Wool Koigu?

One of the amazing things we found at TNNA in January was that Koigu was bringing out a new yarn. It's the same KPPPM we love, but 50% merino and 50% silk. Wow! The silk gives the yarn a sheen that is out of sight, the colors are rich and vibrant, it is silky but the spin of the wool that gives it that characteristic "bounce" keeps the silk from getting too drapey. This one's a keeper. We got the call from them that the yarn is on it's way this week and we are on pins and needles awaiting it's arrival.

And, as we all know, Koigu and their mill ends will sadly not be at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival but the silk will be here before May 3rd, so that's some consolation. They also promised to tuck a little (no, a lot) of something in with the silk/wool to make it up to you all. Can't say anything about it yet, but if you're taking the bus you may want to get here early...

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