Friday, April 11, 2008

An Education

Last week Joan McGowan Michael came and taught a special class for the Rosie's staff on fit. It was and all day workshop where we all made a "block," which is a schematic of one's exact body shape. We used t-shirts instead of muslin, which is more typically used in fashion, because it would mimic the stretch that a hand knit would have. There was lots of pinning and stapling, Stacy even nearly stapled Kate's t-shirt to Kate's torso,
and by the end of the day we all had front/back and sleeve true to life schematics of us! It was really amazing. We learned things like how to add darts, create short rows to compensate for a bust or belly or bum so that the hemlines on sweaters will fall evenly and how to take REALLY good measurements. Jen is now wondering how to continue knitting the three or four sweaters she has on needles knowing what she knows now, to rip or not to rip? I feel similarly.
Friday Joan did a class for customers, which was less intensive, but designed to teach folks how to adjust patterns to their needs. Whether patterns aren't written for your size at all or if your top is a 4 and your bottom a 16, you can knit sweaters that fit if you just take the time to adjust the patterns. I think everyone really got the knowledge and confidence to knit the things they really want to wear. Fear not the short row, it is your friend.
We are also happy to discover that Joan wholesales her White Lies Designs patterns, which are not available as PDFs online. Her philosophy is that a knitting pattern should be a real tangible thing, on nice firm paper with a great photograph. A good pattern is worth the wait, and I have to agree. The attention to detail in her patterns is really lovely. Stop in and take a look at them and get a little help from our staff creating your own perfect fit!

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