Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cutest Bags Ever!

We were lucky the day Wendy wandered into a shop in town and found a great knitting bag. How so, you ask? Well, Wendy is persistent and she found out who made the tote bag she got. A few phone calls later I had the pleasure of meeting a woman in town who makes these gorgeous bags. Her company is called Hanna and she makes bags of all sizes from kimono fabrics. She is from Japan and brings fabric back to the States with her every year when she goes home to visit. She made these great notions bags for us and she is bringing more after Maryland Sheep and Wool, along with some new shapes and sizes, and maybe some totes. I was so thrilled to find someone local making such exquisite bags. I love being able to support local craftspeople. Everyone should be able to work doing what they love!

And on another note, Happy Earth Day everyone and don't forget to vote!

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