Wednesday, December 13, 2006

You know what you need?

A hat.
It is the answer.
No, really, a hat.
You no longer have time to knit him a sweater. You must know this.
A scarf is pushing it--but it can be done.
You really do want a hat.
This hat is fast, easy, takes one skein of Shokay and is the Rosie's project of the month.

These are the colors that the Shokay comes in.
It's 100% yak down, and totally fair trade and sustainable economically for the herders, spinners and dyers in Tibet. Wonderful stuff! Soft as cashmere, but won't pill!!
Gotta love it.
It's $35 for the yarn and pattern, you can get it off our website or call us direct at 215-977-9276!
Don't like that hat? How about this one?
Baby Alpaca.
Pretty colors!
It's a brand spankin' new Rosies Knits pattern!
You know you want it.
I confess, this one is a little more time and labor intensive but it is really nice and I have to push it because I designed it!
It's done from the top down in a stitch called "swag stitch" which according to the text in the big book o' stitches was popular during WW2. I can always be convinced that old is good.

Alpacita Colors:
From left to right is Barn Swallow, Hattie's Zinnias, Bracken & Gorse and Coulis.
The kit for this hat is $25.
This is all too new to be on the website but you can call 215-977-9276 or email us at!


Carol said...

Go for the yak! I just finished a hat in the green. It's delightful to knit with. It feels almost like cotton, except it's sproingy. Extremely soft and warm.

Go for the yak!

Lisa M. said...


Sophie Brookover said...

Sure! It'll put a sproing in your step. Or in your purl, at the very least. I have to say that even without the sproing, the idea of knitting with yak down is very tempting. Although the Alpacacita is so amazingly soft. Mmmm, alpaca.