Friday, September 09, 2005

Back At the Keyboard

Sorry for the hiatus. We've been busy with this

and this

and this

and an overwhelming quantity of peaches and apples from a pick-your-own extravaganza on Labor Day. (No photos of that because the digital camera lives at the shop. But go ahead and imagine every pot and pan in my kitchen covered with cooked fruit, and the floor and stove and counters and cabinets covered with spatter from apple butter. Now I remember why we only pick apples about once every five years.)

Here's some of what you've been up to in the meantime:

Regina finished the socks she was working on a few episodes ago.

The zigzag nature of the lace pattern may not be terribly evident in the dark color of the yarn, but the openwork shows much better with this color than it does even in the original photo on the pattern.

Michelle has cast on for Birch (shown here against Kelly's dress, because Michelle is wearing pretty much the same color as the shawl):

She's experiencing some, ahem, frustration with it right now. I've noticed that Birch consistently provides the fastest trip ever from "This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen I must make it RIGHT NOW" to "Will someone please burn this thing and put me out of my misery".

Later, Michelle switched projects to some Koigu socks (shown here against the sleeveless top she finished recently and brought in to show--no, she swears she doesn't always change her outfit to coordinate with each project).

Sherry's doing the cover sweater from the current issue of Knits in Drops Alpaca:

And here's Barbara reminding us that it's not, strictly speaking just a Knitting Circle.

Sadly, there are no photos available from earlier in the afternoon, when Grace and Dorlynn got into a thing about who was going to finish her scarf first. I believe Grace got cast off first, but there was some dispute about whether weaving in the ends counted, and then I think I left the room before they started duelling, with their needles for sabres.


Anonymous said...

No Kitty and her fringed shirt?

Lisa M. said...

Any chance you can tell me, give or take, what day that was? If a photo doesn't get edited the day it's snapped, finding the blasted thing can be a week's work.

Ditto Campbell's dolphin!