Wednesday, September 14, 2005

At Last, Marianne!

--and also to encourage those of you who've had pictures of your projects taken but haven't seen them online yet:

Marianne made this

and it is one of Campbell's Favorite Things (although that's Kitty holding it).

Later, when she had some dark-red cotton left over from another project, Kitty wanted it with lots of shiny sparkly stuff, and Marianne made this:

This is a better use of Odyssey Glitz than I, for one, had ever imagined. I can also now imagine similar treatments on people about 3 or 4 times Kitty's age.

And isn't the look of satisfaction on Kitty's face what we're all hoping for when we knit for someone else?


Anonymous said...

O, bless you, bless you! What a lovely way to pop those images online. I feel famous and rewarded.- Marianne
PS - See you at Stitches in AC!

Zachariah Trail said...

Stop blogging right now!