Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More Volunteers Needed/What a Mess

Probably one or two of you have heard that Stitches East is this weekend--and as usual, we're packing the shop up and taking it on the road to Atlantic City. This involves several Important Announcements:

1. The shop will be closed on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Frankly, it won't be all that open on Wednesday (tomorrow), either, but if you come by early in the day, we will sell you yarn. Sometime in the afternoon, though, we're going to lock the doors and drive away. So no Knitting Circle.

2. If you're going to Stitches, you should print out a coupon for $2 off admission. You should also bring your Rosie's tote bag, because you'll need something to carry all your purchases in, and if you come to our booth (#326-330) with a Rosie's tote, you'll get a coupon for use back at the shop.

3. We need help putting it all back together. The show ends Sunday at 4, which means we should be back in town around 8 or 8:30. But it's not just a matter of unpacking the boxes, because we're having some work done in the shop while we're gone (it's exciting! Wait 'til you see!), and we doubt that the guys doing the work are going to put everything back just the way they found it. So . . . We're looking for a few--maybe 6?--people to work late Sunday night. By "late" I mean "at least until midnight but potentially until dawn." Rosie will provide pizza and all the caffeine you can hold, and payment in cash or yarn credit (as you prefer). Please call or e-mail (rosieATrosiesyarncellarDOTcom) if you're interested. And spread the word. This gig doesn't require any knitting expertise; if you have friends/roommates/siblings who are available for the hours and would like the bucks, by all means recruit them.

Looking forward to seeing you all in AC! Did I mention that we'll have new shipments of Koigu and Anne there?

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