Friday, September 16, 2005

Help Wanted

This is it, girls and boys: your chance to become part of the Rosie's team. With Courtney and Brent now out-of-state and Jim once again employed (elsewhere) full-time, we find ourselves a bit short-handed here in the Cellar. Come help us out! If you're interested in part-time work, and have hours available during the week or on the weekend, here's what to do: send e-mail to rosieATrosiesyarncellarDOTcom, with something like "Job Info" in the subject line. We'll send you back an application.

Note: If you've already told someone here that you'd like to be considered, send an e-mail anyway: it'll save us having to phone you and get your address, and we'll know that you're still available and interested.

This is the part where I'd usually make some joke about what it's like to work here, but I'll refrain, so as not to discourage anyone!


Kim said...

Tag, you are it. Details on my blogdztd

Kathy Merrick said...

But, but, but I have to move to Virginia. This is totally unfair.
Could I commute? It's only about 350 miles...