Thursday, May 12, 2005

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Lisa says:

Here's last night's knitting circle:

Dorlynn & her Interweave Knits tank:

Cathy shows off her newly-added beads:

Marian, hard at work:

Robin and Jennifer:

Rhonda, using Berroco Suede:

Sherry & her Staggering Fisherman socks:

Everyone you see in these pictures went to the Sheep and Wool Festival, and you can bet none of them came back empty-handed. And yet all the projects in these pictures were on needles before the weekend. We are apparently a very disciplined bunch: we may be looking at our new yarn, fondling it, thinking about it (constantly!), but none of us has cast on yet.

(Don't think we're totally stoic. Several people are still looking for the perfect pattern, or wondering whether they bought enough. I think by next week we may see some swatches.)

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