Saturday, May 28, 2005

Knit Lit for Kids

Many of you have heard me talk (I hope not ad nauseum) about my three kids. I've already got them brainwashed; they have been known to shout "Look, Mommy, yarn!" when they see a ball of string or wool in a book. Here are some of our favorites for your read-aloud pleasure.

Farmer Brown Shears his Sheep, by Teri Sloat: After Farmer Brown shears his sheep, they complain about being cold. Follow Farmer Brown and his fleece as he goes through each step from sheep to sweater: first washing the fleece, then carding it, then spinning it, then dyeing it, then knitting it. I won’t spoil the ending for you.

Derek the Knitting Dinosaur, by Mary Blackwood: “Boys don’t knit,” Derek the kind-of-nerdy Dinosaur is told. But who do you think knits the sweaters that will keep his brothers warm during the imminent Ice Age?

Shall I Knit you Hat? by M. & K. Klise: A charming holiday-themed fable about choosing the right kind of gift – in this case, a knitted hat – for the people (or animals) you love.

The Mitten, by Jan Brett: Retelling of a Ukrainian folk tale about a lost mitten that provides shelter for an ever-growing menagerie. All of Jan Brett’s books feature intricate illustrations rich in folk art and textiles, and make me want to immmediately begin a Dale sweater.

Sheep in a Shop, by Nancy Shaw: Cleverly-rhymed series about a group of lively sheep; this particular episode involves the sheep needing to buy a birthday gift but, alas, without any money for the shopkeeper. Sounds like a trade is in order – after a quick haircut…. If you like this, check out others in the series, especially “Sheep in a Jeep”.

Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown: Okay, it’s not really about fiber, but it’s one of the all-time best kid’s books ever written, and the old lady whispering “hush” is knitting.

(Let's see how long it takes Lisa to chime in with her own personal faves...)

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