Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Inspiration from Maryland

Can you stand more commentary about Maryland Sheep & Wool? I hope so, because I've got a few more photos to share with you. The Festival gives ribbons recognizing all sorts of sheep-related accomplishment -- including fiber arts. One of my favorite exhibits is the building displaying the award-winning fiber entries. Browsing amongst the winners is inspiring and, often, awe-inspiring. Seeing some gorgeous hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn, and then realizing it was created by a ten-year-old definitely keeps one humble!

A good example is this felted fishbowl, created by a fiber artist in her teens. (!) Note the level of detail: even the "marbles" in the bottom of the bowl are felted.

For a completely different kind of project, consider the creative use of novelty yarns in this vest:

For lace-knitters, and those who love hand-dyed yarns, I spotted this lovely shawl, although my photography skills, I fear, did not adequately capture its beauty:

Two pairs of gloves caught my eye. The first was done in garter stitch, in a handspun yarn that was plied in order to preserve the flow of colors:

The second was done in our fave, Koigu, and features a fascinating design on the hand:


And last, let's not forget that wool and other fibers have a multitude of uses beyond knitting and crochet. We saw some amazing woven items and hooked rugs, too:

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