Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Here, by the way, are the gauntlets from the other day's post.


Anonymous said...

Very attractive, wearable gauntlet.

One of your customers ( has paid you the ultimate compliment of cribbing your post from the other day about naming colors and its potential for pleasant/unpleasant reaction and using it on her own blog.
Isn't that just so so clever and super-intellectual?

Lisa M. said...

Glad you like the gauntlets.

If you look back through Amber's recent postings, though, you'll see that she's been talking about the topic of yarn names--names of yarns, not of colors--for a couple weeks now. She could as easily think we were stealing from her, though I doubt she does. Just a case of "great minds think alike."

erica said...

I loved your story about the gauntlets. They look great and have given me an idea of what to use those small leftovers of fiber for.