Friday, August 17, 2007

Staff Picks

We got a lovely shipment of yarn from the wonderful ladies at Conjoined Creations. I really should take a picture at their booth if I can next time we see them. They really are amazing. They do knitting yarn and roving in soysilk and Optim roving (which is a process which makes merino wool softer, yes! it's possible!) and they do a fair amount of work with needlepointers. So, since needlepointers need soooo many colors they have about hmmm...100? 200? colors and then each color is available in 4 gradations, light to dark. So color #100 is available as #100a, #100b, etc. It's crazy. And they will make multis for you out of any of the 5 million colors. We couldn't resist colors that would reflect the tastes of our staff, and they come with our names on the ball band! How cool is that?
This is "Wendy," who has probably already blogged about it. She was in on her lunch break today to take a look and pick up a couple skeins. She's thinking of knitting Bee Fields.

This is the "Courtney" colorway. See how it matches all the clothes I own? Clever.

You can always count on Lisa for the neutrals, and I think we did pretty good here because when she came in to look at the colors this was the first one she picked up. Am I good or what?

And of course, for Kate, all pinks.
"Jocelyn" is very similar to "Kate" but deeper and more jewel-toned. Jocelyn will be in on Sunday so we'll see what she thinks. Kate had to handle this one, I didn't know what colors Jocelyn liked.This is "Stacy," Stacy calls it her Green Goblin color. Wow!
This is the "Judy" colorway. I hope she likes it, she's hard to please in the color department. I only know she was knitting something purple while we were flying to TNNA in the spring so I went with purple and, as Lisa points out, it's probably the color that will work best in a lace pattern.
And here are just some good ol' colors of Optim Roving that you may recognize from our previous order. The colors were so popular we did them again!


jen said...

omg those jewel-tones greens, purples and pinks are awesome. i might stop in tomorrow to pick some roving up.

Courtney said...

I knew we'd be seeing you!