Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Fall Workshop Schedule and I have Rowanitis

I have finally forced myself to sit down and figure out the workshop schedule for fall. There will be lots of good classes and I hope you guys will find some of them useful, such as knitting 2 socks on 1 circular or Fair Isle so we can all cast on the amazing Felted Tweed vest that took every ounce of my will power not to pull yarn for and cast on last night while I was supposed to be teaching crochet. I went home and spent some quality time with the magazine and the wonderful quiche Max made. And I want to make this: which is called "Neaty" (why?) and is knit out of Cocoon, the new yarn from Rowan for fall. It is a lofty single ply that knits at 14 sts/4" (3.5 sts/1") on 10-10.5 needles. I feel immediately in love with it when we saw it. It comes in only natural undyed colors and I hope it will stick around for a while. It's going to be a classic. A great sweater yarn.

So when I'm done knitting that I'm going to make this: Called Oslo (which is a place I'd always wanted to go) and also knit in Cocoon. And it uses snaps, not buttons. Remember: British="press fastener" American="snaps".
I may be interrupted in my Rowan knitting adventures by the release of Kaffe's new book, Kaffe Knits Again, due to be released on October 2nd. There is a great interview in the new Rowan with Kaffe all about his new book and what he's been up to.
Here is a sneak peek of some of the designs we'll see in the new book:

Called Criss Cross Sweater and Jack's Back Sweater, these show a much more subdued Kaffe, I think, but I don't believe that the sweater on the left can really be black and white and grey. It probably has more colors sneaking around in there!

But once I'm back on track I'll be casting this on, which I think would make a great nursing shawl to shlep around the shop in.

Called "Affric" it is knit in Wool Cotton, which is a great basic yarn that is also machine washable. It's hard to tell in the picture but the moss stitch edging is knit in a different color from the body. Main color is Gypsy and the contrast is Coffee Rich, hands down the best selling color we stock (wait, we stock all the colors!).

And please, someone make this. It is so amazing and so lovely. You know you want to knit this. Let me live vicariously through your knitting! Cologne is knit in 4 Ply Soft color Victoria, Kidsilk Haze colors Liqueur and Hurricane and Kidsilk Night color Bronze. Wow. It's awfully nice.


Bridget said...

God, you're an enabler!

The class schedule looks good, especially the Finishing one, as my finishing skills suck on my best days ...

Emma in France said...

Hey, you like the same patterns as me!

I really want to knit Cologne, I just can't afford new yarn at the moment.

Courtney said...

Great minds think alike!

Jessica said...

I just may have to take the sock class. Socks have been on my to-do list for far too long!