Thursday, February 15, 2007

Save the date!!

And just to be sure you don't miss out:

Save the DATE!!

Call out sick NOW!!

On May 2nd, the Wednesday before the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Maie Landra of Koigu Wool Designs and author of Knits from a Painter's Palette, will be teaching a color and technique day-long workshop for Rosie's Yarn Cellar!!

All the details, other than the day are TBA.

Sign up for the bus to Maryland Sheep and Wool coming Soon!! (hopefully tomorrow!)

And on that note, here's a list of classes that will be coming up for Spring!
Call the shop at 215.977.9276 or email to sign up.

Beginner's Class begins February 22, Thursday nights 6-8pm for 6 weeks. $125. all materials included!

Sunday Workshops
You knew it was coming...

March 4th, March 18th and April 1st, Entrelac Socks: We have given in. We are doing a three session class on Eunny Jang's entrelac knee socks. Week one: Learn to cast on to work entrelac from the toe up, learn to carry the yarn between squares to avoid having ends to weave in, and get help with technique. Week 2: Turning your heel in entrelac. Week 3: Top triangles and finishing, including how to make the cord and tassle. Choose your two colors of Koigu, pick your needles and go! Materials not included in cost of class, $20/session.
March 11, Spinning with a drop spindle: We provide the spindle and roving (that's wool before it's yarn) and you learn drafting, spinning and plying to create your own unique yarns. $45

March 25, Felted Bags: You will knit a bag in class and learn all the tips and tricks to sucessful shrinking at home with your washing machine. We've all done this accidentally, now make it useful! $40, materials and pattern included.

April 8, Crocheted Kippot and Kufi: These two headcoverings are easy to make and are wonderful for gifts to friends and family. Learn how to crochet a basic kippot or kufi headcovering in this class, and get some tips for designing your own. Basic crochet skills a plus! Materials and pattern included, $20.

April 15, Beaded Lace Scarf: In this class you will learn how to knit with beads and make a gorgeous light spring scarf. The kits, from Swallow Tail Creations, include everything you need! A great project class, $35 materials included.

Also, starting April 13th, that's Friday the 13th (woooo...scary!) we'll be beginning our in shop Charlotte's Web-a-long! Friday nights from 5-7 pm will be a knit along where we can all gather and stress out about what colors to pick and where we screwed up the pattern, and with any luck make it fun and painless! The Charlotte's Web Shawl is a Koigu Design's classic, and is newly revised and reprinted in Maie Landra's book, Knits From A Painter's Palette. RSVP to


Sherry W said...

I certainly feel a case of 24 hour scurvy coming on.

Anonymous said...

Too bad live in a whole other state. I just bought the book and I love the Charlotte Shawl. In fact I just bought five more Kppm hanks to make another.

suburban prep said...
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