Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oh oh oh! Sale!!

Hey everybody!
We are clearing out some stuff to make room for Spring! Yes, I know it's -25 degrees outside, you're the ones who keep asking what we have new for spring! Seriously, yesterday someone asked and it was 4 degrees outside (not Celcius). There is still plenty of wool. There will always be wool. Fear not. There is even new wool arriving! But, we are putting out All Season's Cotton and Elsbeth Lavold's Hempathy and there is a new FABULOUS stranded raw silk from Autumn House Farms which is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G. Oh, and the new Alchemy Silk called Pagoda which we had to have after we saw Toni knitting it up as a Clapotis.
And we are putting on sale:
Superyak from Karabella, 50/50 merino and yak
Fiora from Adrienne Vittadini, wool and mohair with tiny sequins (very pretty, and I'm not someone to go in for the glitz)
Di-ve from... someone or other (it's a feltable thick and thin pretty multi colored job at about 4-1")
Baby Cover and Baby Star (two multi wool baby yarns)
Oh! And All Season's Cotton Print which has been discontinued.
Photos of new stuff coming soon!!!


Anonymous said...

You don't mean Di.ve Teseo, do you? (Sitting here hoping you do.) If so, are you allowed to tell us the price. This yarn is so soft and pretty.


Carol said...

I think it's called Fiamma. It is very soft, though, and would make great scarves.

Courtney said...

And it's on sale for $5 a ball, down from 7.50, I think.

Lisa M. said...

Yes, it's Fiamma.