Saturday, February 17, 2007

Holy moly: lots of cool books are in!

I apologize in advance for the surfeit of exclamation points, but we've got a bunch of the new spring books in the shop -- several of which I've been waiting for quite eagerly.

Hot off the press: No Sheep For You, Amy Singer's new book compiling sweaters, socks and other garments without a single speck of wool in them. Amy's allergic to wool and decided to put together a book showcasing fibers other than wool, including bamboo, cotton, silk and more.

Lace Style, Interweave's latest in the "[fill in the blank] Style" series. Twenty-some patterns making excellent and creative use of lace patterning including socks, sweaters and more (including a great sweater by one of my personal faves, Veronik Avery).

And Favorite Socks, a beautiful spiral-bound compilation of some of Interweave Knits' favorite sock patterns. It's my understanding there are some new patterns, too, but it's worth it to have this gorgeous book that will lay open at the spiral binding to knit from, especially if you're like me and have already drooled your back issues of IK to pieces. (Plus I want to do everything I can to support publishers bringing out great collections of socks, like this one.)

And I haven't even mentioned some of the new Rowan booklets that I found on the shelves when I came in this morning: The Tapestry Collection (making optimal use of the gorgeous wool/soy blend that self-stripes); Little Treasures (adorable baby and toddler patterns); The Bamboo Tape Collection; and The Kasbah Collection (with lots of Summer Tweed patterns).

P.S. I'm just about to shelve five skeins of Black Bunny wool/nylon sock yarn, in some really cool muted colors including Twig, Wagon Wheel Couch (don't ask), Dad's Tie, and more...

[I know, I know, the photo quality stinks (can you say "overexposed"?), but hey, I'm a dyer, not a photographer....]

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