Friday, September 01, 2006

What are you doing for a rainy holiday?

The only thing better than having a long weekend off of work is having a chilly and rainy long weekend off of work. What better excuse do you need to curl up with a good black and white movie and knit? All your non-knitting friends and family members will be soooo sad about their cancelled trip to the shore or how they can't barbeque and while you are outwardly commiserating with them you will secretly be jumping for joy. So when you do get out that project and realize that you are suddenly short one double pointed needle or ball of yarn what will you do? It's labor day weekend, no one will be open! Oh-ho! Not quite! Rosie's will be open all weekend and Monday with regular shop hours. Bully for you! We also have in loads of new fall-y and winter-y things to make you feel cashmere level happy. We just got in two new kinds of Handmaiden Cashmere. One is the 12-ply super bulky lustrous lovely wonderfulness and the other is a 4-ply to die for! Each comes with a pattern for a one skein hat.

Imagine getting a jumpstart on Winter Holiday knitting so early in the game!

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Carol said...

Is that Chelsea Clinton modeling the first one?