Monday, September 18, 2006

Finished Objects of a Different Sort

Awhile back, I mentioned a new project: The Noshi Knitting Monograph Series. Well, only two months later than we thought we'd be ready, it's here. The first two monographs are available for purchase, as PDFs or hard copy.

(Let me be perfectly clear: my partner in crime was completely punctual, and her article was proofread and as-near-perfect-as-humanly-possible well before our self-set deadline. I was the one who thought a week and a half would be adequate time for what turned out to take more than a month.)

But we're now officially launched, and feeling very good about the whole idea: a forum for impassioned writing about knitting where the writing is as important as the knitting and the knitting doesn't have anything to do with what's "hot" or "hip" or "now".


1 comment:

iSeL said...

Hi ladies,

I was at the store yesterday and want to thank Courtney for helping me out and being so nice.

Also, I can't get that felted bag out of my head (the one Courtney was working on). Is there a pattern for it?

Once again, thank you for your help and patience and for having such a wonderful store.

ps. Carol, your yarn is gorgeous.