Monday, August 28, 2006

Two Words I Never Wanted to Hear Together

Felted Koigu.

But it's a strange world out there, and I'm happy to introduce

Koigu Felting Merino, KFM for short.

Looks just like KPPPM. (That's why it's put up in 100-gram skeins: so we none of us get confused.) Feels just like it. Comes in the same colors. Priced about the same. Only difference is . . . it felts.

I've seen a sample. The fabric was extremely soft, both in the "lovely against the skin" sense and in the "pliable" sense. Stitch definition had not disappeared entirely. Color had faded noticeably.

We'll get some swatches going and post more about it ASAP. Meanwhile, we've got 6 multis and 4 solids on hand.

1 comment:

sarah said...

any project ideas for the KFM?