Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bunny for Fish

This is my Pomatomous sock from Knitty, made in Black Bunny Fibers wool/nylon sock yarn in a never-to-be-repeated color called "Fearless Leader."

I had a moment of panic when I saw the colors begin to organize themselves. But it's actually working out just fine--even better than you can tell from the picture, really. The photo makes the light streaks look lighter and the green streaks look brighter than they actually are. Or, to put it in terms from the hand-dyed discussion last month, the camera heightened the contrast in the yarn, thus detracting from the stitch pattern. In reality, the skein has minor variation in hue (blues, with a little bit of green); moderate variation in saturation (from the brightish green through denim to some shades that are almost entirely grey); and mild-to-moderate variation in value (from navy and charcoal up to a medium, slightly-lighter-than-cadet blue).

And yes, I know there's a consistent mistake in the first half-repeat of the pattern. I was glad to notice what I was doing wrong and correct it going forward, but I wasn't going back.

Thank you all for this pleasant break from the yarn-shoveling-and-stocking business. We now resume our regularly-scheduled schlepping.

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