Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Treo Alert: Save the date

Treo, Blackberry, old-fashioned Filofax, or the free calendar they give you at the Hallmark Store: whatever your method of saving the date, please set aside Thursday, July 13th. Rosie's is planning a celebration of hand-dyed yarn. Old favorites like Koigu and Anne (with, if all goes well, fresh stock), new favorites like Claudia and Great Adirondack, and some brand new stuff Rosie's hasn't stocked before.... (telling you more would spoil the surprise). We'll have refreshments, new patterns and sample garments; intimations that the Black Bunny of Black Bunny Fibers will make an appearance are, right now, merely unconfirmed rumors. (We're waiting for a return call from Charcoal's publicist.) Watch this blog: we'll also be doing a series of posts about hand-dyed yarns, including how to use them and how to enjoy them (even) more.

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