Monday, June 19, 2006

TNNA Report, pt. 2

Oh, you want to know what I saw in the booths? (As opposed to the aisles.)

According to Rowan, cables are back, bigtime. Some are oversized and placed as a central motif; some, as here, are allover patterns:

Rowan also has not one but two new self-striping yarns: Tapestry, which is about 5 sts per inch,

and Country, which is about the same weight as Big Wool, and has its own pattern booklet:

We've got the posters for Rowan 40, the new RYC booklets, and the new designs from Nashua; stop by and ask to see them. (It's not like there's any wall-space available to display them, so they're folded up on the front table.)

With the discontinuation of the Yorkshire Tweed line, we were shopping exhaustively for replacements. They're out there, all right, but it's a tough bunch of decisions: should they be plied or singles? crunchy or soft? bright or dull? And the answers may be different for the chunky weight, the aran, or the DK . . . . We're still debating all of that, so if you've got favorites, now's the time to speak up!

Last but not least, I'll just tease you by saying that we saw (and ordered!) a new product from the ladies at Koigu. It's incredibly exciting--just don't ask about delivery time!


anmiryam said...

I vote for DK & Aran (I'm not much of a chunky knitter) in plied, crunchy and some dull colors. If I'm knitting something tweedy, I'm not usually looking for an electric color effect -- I want that romantic illusion of living in a windswept northern landscape.

brooklyn tweed said...

have you seen Plymouth Tweed? as a substitute for York Aran - similar colors, beautiful tweeds and comprable price.

Lisa M. said...

See, now this is why blogs are so useful: despite having just been to the yarn show, I didn't know about the Plymouth tweed--which looks like a strong candidate. Thanks!

Anyone got any other nominations?

Lolly said...

Oh, thanks for the previews!