Monday, June 26, 2006

So Young, and Yet So Cynical

So we're strolling through Target on Saturday afternoon, looking for new bedding for Diana. (She and Eva have been sharing a room, but it's time to split them up, so everyone gets some new decor.) This experience has driven us all to new heights of exasperation.

As we come upon a display of striped jersey sheet sets, in kind of an astonishingly bright green stripe, Suzanne says to Diana, "What do you think of those?"

Diana considers them a moment and then rejects them thus: "You just want me to get them because they have that bag that makes a good knitting bag."



Meanwhile, preparation goes on apace for the Handpaint Studio. For the series of articles on working with handpainted yarns, I'd appreciate any pictures you'd care to send of projects you weren't happy with. Striping, blotching, whatever color effect you didn't anticipate and didn't appreciate--I need examples to discuss what goes wrong and how to avoid it. (Not that I don't have a few myself. But I'd like to think there are more mistakes out there than I've made.) Send them to lisa at rosiesyarncellar dot com. I'll be happy to preserve your anonymity if you'd prefer.



Anonymous said...

I've been intrigued by Lorna's Laces for years, but almost every picture I've seen of the yarn knitted up has really horrible pooling. So horrible that I cringe for the knitter in question and wonder why anyone would use it.

Lisa M. said...

This raises the fascinating question of taste: one knitter's disaster is another's triumph. For now, I'll try to avoid passing judgement, and focus instead on getting the effect you want. The more you learn to anticipate how a yarn will work up, the happier you'll be--whatever look you're going for.

Anonymous said...

I've just ripped out an almost-completed bodice for a t-shirt (my beloved White Lies Shapely Tee)- made with a glorious Noro silk-blend. I'm starting over, trying the whole thing SIDEWAYS.

Because my husband is right: some figures are less than well served by horizontal stripes.

A few years back (and the pic's on your website) I was slightly successful working with slanting the stripes for a more flattering front.

Any thoughts you can throw in about this whole aspect of things, seems like a good idea to me!