Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You Asked for It

Since crochet is all over the place this season--all over ready-to-wear, all over the slew of new books and magazines, encroaching on knitting magazines from Rowan to Family Circle--we're going to offer a multi-week Beginner Crochet class.

It's the equivalent of the Beginners Knitting class: 6 weeks, a few small projects to show you plenty of techniques, all materials included. It starts on Monday 4/24.

Here are the things we'll be making:

At upper right, a cotton facecloth. At upper left, a drawstring bag. Front and center, a gauntlet (not in this too-hot-for-summer, too-hard-to-rip-out angora, but you get the idea). On the gauntlet, a simple flower, to decorate the gauntlet or the bag or anything else. At the extreme upper left, you can catch a glimpse of a granny-square pillow; if time allows or if interest demands, we'll look into granny squares, too.

If you've taken the one-day Intro to Crochet class, you'll be ahead for the first week and a half or so, but then we'll be on to new territory.

There's no avoiding the c-word this summer, so why not get on board?

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