Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Knitting, Anyone?

Oh, you mean we're supposed to show you actual knitting in a knitting blog? Well, if you insist:

Sara in the Intermediate Class finished her gauntlets:

After the picture was taken, I swear she wove in the ends.

And I've been working with some hand-dyed yarn from a new supplier, Black Bunny Yarns:

Here's more of the yarn:

It's a bulky-weight wool; I'm getting about 3.5 sts per inch on the hat, closer to 4 on the mittens. You can make both (there are also instructions for the mittens in a larger size, these are larger than they look and fit my hand, but that's not everyone) from one skein, which is $25. The skeins have names like "Swimming Pool" and "Water Ice" and "Campfire" (the hat is "Jar of Olives"), but that's just these specific skeins, not the name of a colorway: when the label says, "Each batch is unique," it's not about the typical variation of hand-dyed yarn. It means the dyer has no intention of repeating herself and won't be trying to make the same color twice. You've got to come in and see them.

Actually, you really have to come in and see them: this stuff isn't available anywhere else.

While I've been home with my sick kid, I also finished this Daisy Top:

It's kind of hard to see, even in this closeup,

but the yarn itself has little white "daisies" on it. It's from Katia, and it's called Margarita. I assume "margarita" means "daisy" in Spanish; "marguerite" does in French, right? (Which is apparently why Daisy is a common nickname for Margaret, something I'd really wondered about.)

You can't tell much about the size from here, but it's a children's 6; the pattern goes from 2 to 8. I hope to get a kit onto the website soon.

I know I should be showing more progress on my Lace Sampler Scarf, but no needle smaller than an 8 is thinkable while watching "Barbie Swan Lake." (The things we do for a sick kid.)

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Sheepish Annie said...

How much am I loving the names of the Black Bunny Yarns?! Most evocative...the daisy yarn is also pretty intriguing.