Sunday, April 30, 2006

OPK (Other People's Knitting)

Jim is almost finished his Sarah Blanch shawl, from Folk Shawls:

(Actually, the picture is more than a week old; he's probably finished it by now.) That's Koigu, of course; the skein in progress is the eighth and final one.

Lisa J. is making another felted entrelac bag:

--this time using leftover scraps of Kureyon that she had around the house--there are at least 4 different colorways in there. (Any of you out there have bits and pieces of Kureyon lying around? Nah, I didn't think so.) Note the spots where stitches are picked up to start a new rectangle, and the old color shows through along the pick-up line:

This will all vanish entirely when the bag is fulled.

And Marian has made the most amazing felted rabbit:

"Real" stuffed-animal eyes and everything!

Finally, Robin's Rambling Rows baby blanket is done, done, done!

Don't you think she should only give it to the baby on condition that she can still visit it from time to time?


Sherry W said...

Where is that bunny pattern from? Marian told me, but I forgot!

Carol said...

Jim's shawl is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Sherry--the bunny was a kit from Patternworks, but the pattern is also listed on a website:
I just wanted the pattern, but since the kit came with eyes and enough pink to line a whole fleet of bunny ears, it all worked out quite well. Next up: araucania naturewool bunny!