Sunday, November 20, 2005

Attention: we want you to get our e-newsletter so we're having a drawing

If you aren't yet on our newsletter list, and you somehow managed to ignore my last request that you email me soI can add you to our emailing list, here's another good reason to do it soon.

As part of our 10th Anniversary extravaganza (Lisa will tell you more about this very soon), we will be randomly selecting individuals on our emailing list to receive free prizes. If you aren't on the emailing list, you can't win when we make our random selection, can you? No, you can't. So drop me an email at carolATrosiesyarncellarDOTcom before midnight November 30th, 2005, and I will add you. You will receive our monthly newsletter AND be eligible for the prize drawing. Fine print: you have to provide us with a working email address (which is only fair, since we can't contact you to tell you that you won if your emails are bouncing).

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laura prokopetz said...

hi, my name is laura prokopetz, my email is i bought a very tiny book called KNITTING some time ago with little girl's sweater in it knitted by eve r plotnick. since then i have been searching for the pattern with no sucess. can you help me?