Friday, July 29, 2005

Knitting Circle, 7/27

How nice to have a knitting circle where no one succumbs to heatstroke!

Here's Ed working on the second of a pair of socks made out of handspun (though not spun by Ed). It's not quite visible in this picture, but the leg of this sock was knit flat, when Ed found himself short one 2.25 mm dpn in Chicago. (Can it possibly be true that there's no yarn shop inside the Loop?) The foot now continues in the round; the leg will be seamed later. Note that the shift from in-the-round to back-and-forth doesn't seem to have affected the color pooling.

Kelly's making the classic Yankee Knitter pattern for the English Rib pullover. I love how different a really traditional design can look in a really contemporary yarn.

Rhonda's recycling some Elaine in the ever-popular color known as Toni Morrison: it was mostly knit into a sweater, she wasn't satisfied with the results, she's ripping it as she goes. This demonstrates two great things about the yarn: (1) If it wasn't knit too tightly, if it hasn't been in the fabric too long, if the yarn itself is highly textured--you can re-knit it right away, without having to re-skein and block it. (2) Despite its being a very loosely-spun merino yarn, Elaine rips and re-knits successfully, without undue fraying or fuzzing or shredding.

I tried to get pictures of Sherry's beautiful teal raglan with the cabled rib and cable on the sleeve, but the flash apparently didn't go off. We'll try again next week.

As for me? Well, I don't know if any of you have seen this knitting challenge, but I'm thinking maybe I should enter: I didn't knit underwater, I haven't taken my knitting skydiving, but I knit lace--the Peacock Shawl, no less--during Knitting Circle. Which, as any of you will know who've ever tried to knit any kind of pattern at all during Knitting Circle, may very well qualify as Extreme Knitting. But I was obsessed, as I've said, and I guess it's true that Heaven looks out for fools, because nothing went wrong. Pictures later of the now finished--but unblocked--shawl.

And if anyone ever wants to hear a good story about how someone met their mate, ask Lisa J. to tell you how her mother and stepfather met.

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