Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hot Times in the Cellar

So Teva Durham (of Loop-d-Loop fame) came down from NYC on Sunday to teach a seminar on Designing with Short Rows.

She's sure thought about doing a lot of things with short rows. She had a bag full of ideas with her, and more kept tumbling out of her head all morning.

We were agog.

We were also very warm. (Heads up: the new air conditioner is being installed on Friday.)

Everybody tried different stuff. I love workshops where you get to follow up the ideas that interest you, instead of everyone having to do the same stitch at the same time.

Nicole looks pretty happy with her results (preliminary as they are).

Things broke up a little early, I think not just because of the heat but because people felt like their brains were going to explode. Sometimes two hours' worth of new ideas is all you can take.

Hey, all y'all who were at the workshop: show us what you do from those swatches! Everyone who wasn't: watch this space for follow-up!

1 comment:

yahaira said...

aww, memories!

I've only been able to think about short rows since the class, though I'm still not sure what I'm going to make first.