Sunday, July 31, 2005

How do you compare to RYC's staff?

At our annual staff Christmas party, the following trivia quiz was administered. (I would argue that there's nothing "trivial" about something as important as knitting, but then again, law school trains you to quibble....) Here's a challenge for our loyal readers: Submit your answers by midnight, August 2nd via email to Whoever gets the most right (or if you're really good, the most right soonest), wins a copy of Selvedge magazine, an extremely cool British fiber arts magazine that we've started carrying at Rosie's.

By the way, our staff did not have access to Google when they answered these questions, so you're on the honor system not to look up all the answers. Winner to be chosen by RYC staff; all decisions final.

1. What year was Rowan founded?
2. The earliest surviving knitted fabric was found in _____ [name of country] and was ________ [type of garment].
3. How many colors of Kid Silk Haze does RYC currently carry? (not including new fall 05 colors)?
4. Which of the following is NOT the name of a sock yarn: (a) Sassy Stripes; (b) Safari; (c) Magic Stripes; (d) Fiesta?
5. Name two children's books that are knitting- or yarn-related.
6. Who founded the Bohus Strickning movement?
7. Name the yardage (in yards) of the following:
(a) Encore Worsted; (b) Koigu; (c) Manos Solids; (d) Anne; (e) Zara.
8. How many shelves constructed by Brent are on the long wall of the West Wing?
9. Which of the following are actual yarns? Frizzati; Spazzini; Crazy Curls;
Tartaloni; No Smoking; Cumulus; Orichetti; Mimosa; Gimlet; No Parking.
10. Translate:
Laine Garn Seide Lin Fil

Remember, no cheating! The challenge is seeing what you know off the top of your head. (And unlike you, the Rosie's staff were, erm, handicapped by their consumption of delicious foofy drinks courtesy of the Continental...)

Good luck!

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Elizabeth said...

Have you announced the winner somewhere? Did anyone get more than 5?