Monday, June 27, 2005

When the Going Gets Tough

After much soul-searching--you all know how hard it is to close this place, even during a snow emergency--we've decided to take next weekend off. We figure that Live 8 will have the place totally gridlocked by 10 a.m., and pretty much everyone we know is planning to get out of Dodge for the weekend in anticipation. So with apologies to all of you who actually live here and might mosey in on foot:

Rosie's will be closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, July 2 - 4.

We'll still be open until 7 Friday night. We'll be back bright and early Tuesday morning at 10. But if you need something to work on over the weekend, or if you even think you might get to a point in your pattern that you don't understand, please make time to come in before the end of the week.

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