Friday, June 03, 2005

Hello, Knitting Circle!

The whole point of having a Knitting Circle page on the website was to help people keep in touch if they couldn't get to the shop on Wednesday evening, whether because they live in Kuala Lumpur or because they had to go to their kid's piano recital that night. But the mechanism we had in place, the What's On Your Needles and Gallery pages, was really cumbersome: first someone had to take the pictures, then someone had to write something about what was in the picture and who knit it, then someone had to send the picture(s) to our web guy Alec, then he had to edit the pictures, then he had to put each one in the right person's spot (Phone call: "No, not that Karen; the one who made the shawl. The blue and purple shawl. The blue and purple rectangular shawl." Repeat weekly.), with the right text.

Still wondering why those pages haven't been updated in a while?

This should be better, because it cuts out several steps. It does have one drawback: it's entirely chronological, so one can't see pictures of the various steps in a particular project all at once. We're working on a solution for that.

Does this mean we've abandoned the old format? Not necessarily. For the moment, everything that used to go in What's On Your Needles (and What's On Ours, for that matter) will be appearing here. Stay tuned.

With that preamble . . .

Here's Magda working on a Pi Shawl:

We see so many Half-Pi Shawls here that it's easy to forget their foundation, the original Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi Shawl. Magda is doing hers in Koigu in an assortment of colors (mostly remnants, not full skeins).

And here's the cardigan Robin made for her niece. (At least, I think that's Robin. If I'm wrong and it's Robyn, please let me know, and I'll correct it!)

There was talk about a pink border, but everyone agreed that it's more classic and versatile this way. After all, every little girl needs a white cardigan for summer. In fact, looking at this one, we thought maybe every big girl needs one, too. "Why don't I ever knit myself a sweater like that?" was a common question. The short-term answer was, "Because it's Provence, and it would take me forever in my size." But the larger question--why don't we knit the things we want to wear?--is one I'm going to take up here sometime soon.


Shannon said...

I really enjoyed the knitting circle pages-I don't live close enough to a shop that I could take part in one myself-so your hard work is appreciated by me!

Carol said...

What an adorable cardigan, Robin/Robyn!!