Saturday, January 26, 2008

Project of the Month - Travelin' Mitts

You can now buy Rosie Knit's Patterns online - well, almost! We're working on it! You can buy the above pattern by clicking on the "Buy Now" Button, and you will indeed, buy it now.

The Travelin' Mitts are made with one skein of Road to China, the most deliciously scrumpcious yarn we've had in a long time. Ok,the yarddage isn't great (80 yards), and it's on the pricey side - $24 - but, for a one skein project, it is so worth it. This 65% Alpaca, 10% Cashmere, 10% Camel, 5% Yak, 10% Soya Fiber that knits up at 4 to the inch on size 7 needles, comes in the following colors:

Still scratching your head, even after seeing these colors??? Come on! Just think of all that holiday knitting you did for other people. Think of that gift certificate you have burning a hole in your pocket. It's time to buy something for yourself!

And, if you don't like the Travelin' Mittens (although what's not to like??), we have several other one skein projects in a little booklet we made:

Is your neck cold? there are 2 neck warmers:

The Lacy Victorian Colloar

And the Winchburgh Collar, yum!

There's also a headband, but I took a crappy picture, so you'll just have to come in to see that one. And, if you do come in, and you do pet the road to China . . . maybe you'll need 2 one skein projects, 'cause you just can't get enough of this decadent fiber. Hey, it's less fattening that chocolate, and if your usual treat is a Chanel lipstick, which is $24, this is way better than a lipstick that's just going to melt in your purse anyway.

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rsollie said...

I am loving the Winchburgh Collar. How can I get the pattern?