Monday, January 28, 2008

Out With the Old and In With the New

Rosie's is having a SALE!
Honestly, after having UPS deliver 5 boxes of yarn from Rowan we realized we needed to get room on the shelves for it so LUCKY FOR YOU a great selection of our winter yarns will be going on sale starting today! Time to say goodbye to that holiday knitting blues and get something nice to knit a sweater for yourself.
Here's what we've got for you:
Cascade Yarns "Dolce," a great basic with a little bit of luxury, at an even better price! Originally $7 per skein for 109 yards at 5sts/1".
SALE PRICE? $4.80!
And also from Cascade is Autunno. This is a great quick hat or scarf yarn, in great bright jewel tones giving a modern tweedy look. 99 yds/50gms, 3.5-3 sts/1".
Original price $6.75, SALE PRICE $4.05
From Elspeth Lavold is Chunky Al, a 50/50 blend of Peruvian Wool and Alpaca spun as a super soft single ply. 82 yds/50gms and 3.5 sts/1". We also have some patterns for this yarn designed by Elspeth Lavold and at $4.90 a skein (orig. $7) getting a sweater's worth is totally reasonable!
This next yarn was a great quick decorative scarf yarn for the holiday season. Just enough glitz but still a nice warm and lofty yarn. 44yds/50g, 2.5sts/1". Original price $7,
SALE PRICE $3.50! (Now that's a great deal!)
And for a couple of years now Korall has been our basic machine washable bulky wool, but with the Karabella Aurora Bulky that's in now the Korall seems sadly redundant. It comes 2 ways, solid and Fancy (tweed).
Korall original price $6.50, SALE PRICE $3.25
and Korall Fancy original price $7.00, Sale Price $3.50

And alas, though it feels like the end of an era, we say a fond farewell to our old standby, Auracania Naturewool. This yarn has served us well through the years. Many a great basic sweater was knit out of this softly tonal yarn. Now it's time to say goodbye. 242 yds/100gms, and 5-6 sts/1". Original price $9,


Anne said...

Ohhhh, WHY must you tempt me so?!

See you soon, ladies!

knithappy said...

I love when I get to see the blog posts in action! Since I posted this morning 4 people have stopped in to get sale yarn. Ahh...the wonders of technology.

cecilia said...

Would like to ask for help? I am desperately seeking 5 to 10 skeins of Korall Fancy color #1212 to finish baby project? Please respond to email thank you