Thursday, December 13, 2007

Secret Santa Stash Buster Party!!!!!

Dear Clyde:

You missed the last Rosie's Yarn Cellar Party - but now that you're here - you can go to our next party - December 19, 2007 during knitting circle, the Great Secret Santa Stash Buster!

Look at all the fun you missed - Aunt Stacy knitted her Knightsbridge Sweater.

Mom ooed and ahed at all the fanastic stuff you got - here's a nice red blanket from Andrea.

And - what are these pretty girls thinking? When's that Flippy going to get here already, darnit!

And a spiffy cardigan from Sheri.

And what are these mischievous girls up to? Thinking about what they're bringing to the Secret Santa Stash Buster party - look at that Marissa - she's thinking, "can I get away with a skein of Red Heart wrapped in a $20 - I really don't want to give up anything in my stash . . ."

And look what Aunt Laura got you - "Made in Philly," isn't she thoughtful that it doesn't say, "Yo, Adrienne,we did it!"

And lookie - a present for Mom - hope you haven't projectile vomited on it yet! Thanks Aunt Lisa!

Oh yeah, there weren't just presents - there was cake! Thanks Karen. I'm not sure about the cake on December 19, 2007 - you don't have any teeth yet. But the grownups will be having eggnog and Christmas cookies - and whatever other treats anyone else wants to bring.

And, since you're only oh, a month or so old, you probably don't have any stash accumulated - but the rest of us do! And, wait til ya see the madness when we have the Secret Santa Stash Buster - everyone is going to wrap up a $15- $25 item/items - throw it in a bag, and then, let me tell you, mayhem and frivolity will ensue. I promise you - there's going to be a skein of Anne in that grab bag - and I'm sure many other luscious goodies too.

So, Clyde, don't forget about the party. Take your nap early - and we hope to see you - and everyone else there!

Love -



mariss said...

Ha ha. Loved the recap. Well, I WAS thinking about the Red Heart and some cold hard cash--but lest you forget, that I thought the part was last Wednesday, and I brought some Koigu!!!

See you all on the correct date!

P.S. Cannot wait to meet Clyde!

Bridget said...

Great post! It's good to see the pictures since I couldn't come to the party.

karleary said...

I would make another cake, but I think you would rather prefer a tray of all the fabulous cookies I have been making. See you then!


EmilyG said...

Great post, Wendy! Can't wait!

Can we really call it a stash buster if we take home something to replace what we brought in? Sounds pretty stash-neutral to me! :)