Friday, December 21, 2007

Hot Baby Potato!

We had cookies! Aren't you impressed with my workmanship? I originally thought I was going to be the Rembrandt of Christmas cookies - I mixed colors, I had a whole painter's palette of colored icing - but, um, they were pastels - I had pink stockings, and neon trees, and they were gloppy, and runny . . . and enough of the horror story - thank goodness for Duncan Hines!

And we had presents! What goodies were in the
grab bag, you ask - fantastic stuff! One of a kind Silk Blend Manos, Lisa Souza sock yarn, Socks that Rock, Anne (and no, I didn't put the Anne in the bag, but I did go home with Anne!), Noro Silk Garden Lite, Tess, and sooo much more. The Rosie's girls were to polite for thievery the first round, by by the second round, everyone wanted to get their hands on that one of kind, pink Manos Silk Blend, and all bets were off. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Great Secret Santa Stash Buster. I hope everyone liked what they scored, and hopefully, this will become a Rosie's tradition.

Cookies,presents, nogg, what else could we possibly need. A baby! MUST HOLD THE BABY! When the music stops, pass the baby!!!

Marissa held the baby!
Suzanne held the baby . . .
Pass the baby!
Magda, Lisa and Allison - smell the baby, touch the baby, oooh ahh the baby!

And to think, there really was yarn at this party!


Lauren said...

OH MY! That is the CUTEST baby I have ever seen!

Bridget said...

What a great post, and it sounds like a fun time!

Clyde is such a cutie - and already a celebrity ...

EmilyG said...

Great pictures, Wendy! (And great cookies, too!)

RuthieAnn said...

Clyde has HANDS DOWN the cutest knitted wardrobe of all the babies in the land.