Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stitch-o-rama Mama

So, are you all recovered from Stitches East? I am, just barely. And all I have to say is, "Whoa. I have never been so tired in my whole life." Stitches for me every year is kind of like going to summer camp, you see all the vendors and friends that you only see at Stitches or TNNA, you go have some drinks and dinner, you shop together, you plan and plot. This year? I slept. What ever possessed me to think that I would be fine at Stitches 8 and a half months pregnant or not, I'll never know. My guess is that it is the same stubborn part of me that thinks I'll have a blast at Rhinebeck this weekend. I may be sleeping in the car.
BUT! That said, it was a really great weekend. Hello again to everyone we saw and sad we didn't see you to those who couldn't make it. I think I agree with Carol that it seemed less crowded this year, but I have also heard rumors that the numbers at the door were up. Who knows? Rosie's booth was busy, when I was there (I did lots of sleeping in the hotel room), and we sold lots of great projects. Kaffe came by Friday morning to sign his new book, which made many peoples day--and Brandon (who I think is one of my favorite people. One day when he is in Philly I am going to take him out on the town) stopped by and to say hello. Veronik signed her new lovely book that afternoon (I slept through it, but she forgave me) and it was great to se her again. And, I got some excellent Socks that Rock. I had a moment when I couldn't decide if making a baby blanket in a colorway called "Bleck" was okay or not, but in the end it is a nice lavender-ish grey and the baby will never know the color was named after a onomatopoeia for disgust. I thought I was going to make it through the weekend only having bought Socks that Rock but on the last day I got caught up in a whirlwind of Shadyside Farms yarn. It's just YARN. Good, old fashioned two ply softly handspun 100% wool yarn. It is sitting in the trunk of my car still with everything else I can't bring myself to carry up to our second floor apartment or I'd show you a picture. It's awfully nice. All in all, I think I was rather restrained.
It was a strange show for me though. In a way I feel like I wasn't even there. I was a bit in a daze the whole time I think. The crab whacking with the crew was great though. I'll see if I can get the rest of them to chime in.

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Anonymous said...

girl, you BETTER not sleep in my car at rhinebeck. we are going to have FUN. or else, i just may keel over and die. girlfriend needs some FUN.