Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Smells Like Holiday Spirit

The holidays are coming. They are coming to get us. I have mixed feelings about this particular holiday season--a lot is going on this year. The wee babe is due to arrive sometime the end of November or beginning of December and that has really sucked all of the life out of me. I just looked up this morning and thought, "Holidays. Gifts. Knitting. Family. Oh, sh!t." It really hadn't occured to me at all. I have been just bopping along, with the occasional thought bubble that goes, "I should ask for that for christmas," and now I realize I haven't gotten anything for anyone, and have no plans to, and now that I am officially a grown-up no one is going to get me a damn thing either. And, yes yes, I know, it's not about the gifts it's about family and togetherness and celebrating the timely arrival of little Flippy and all that crap but really what is it we stress about around the holidays? Gifts. Money. Your drunk Aunt Fanny.
Am I a bad daughter if I don't get anyone anything? Am I a bad mother if I don't get my baby anything? Are you supposed to get your newborn a gift? I mean, it won't know the difference and haven't I just given the greatest gift of all (life, my perky breasts, my abdominal tone)? What do you get a newborn? I just bought a choo-choo train lamp on ebay, should I stick it in a box? Aren't I supposed to be more sentimental than this?
Am I just stressing about nothing?
And isn't that exactly what the holidays are about?
So, what are you guys knitting for your relatives this year?


Sherry W said...

For you dear, I think you get an out this year, don't you? Your busy making a friggin' person.

Well, not too many people in my life rate for knitted stuff. Usually thats because they'd rather get a gift certificate to Borders then a hat.

I always make something for my Mom and sometimes my Auntie, who actually want a handknitted gift.

Marianne said...

Agreed; Flippy IS a holiday gift. A stocking stuffer, if you like.

That said, washcloths are good for everyone. Really, really good. Nicer than what you can buy. And for fussy, acquaintaince-or-office-party situations, a handmade washcloth & some pseudo-Kiel (unless you can afford real) soap, a lovely gesture.

Personally, my mother has forbidden me to knit her any more garments.

Michelle said...

I'm knitting no Christmas gifts 'cause my 3rd son is due December 12th. Whether anyone else gets gifts is up to the I guess no one gets gifts.

Carol said...

Don't stress yourself on gifts. You have the perfect excuse! And gifts for the baby? We bought our daughter nothing for her first xmas. It's the only year you can get away with it. You can't even do it with subsequent children because the older ones realize. Enjoy and rest!