Saturday, March 03, 2007

So much new stuff, I'm gonna plotz.

Okay, I come in this morning, and even though I was warned by Courtney's post yesterday, I see this:

bags and bags of new Koigu. I want to strip down and roll in it naked, but out of consideration for our customers, not to mention that pesky L&I inspector, I'll hold back.

I also found this:

bags of Rowan's new Bamboo Tape, in the most luscious spring colors. Okay, some All-Seasons Cotton sneaked in that photo but you can see a bee-yootiful indigo-purpley color on the right.

They tried to disguise this bin of new Reynolds Soft Sea Wool

by putting it on a shelf with the sock yarns, but I am too slick for them. This is a lovely new 7-to-an-inch wool, and we also have a great book that is all sock patterns to go with (including some patterns for men). Here's a link to our website if you can't stand it and want to buy some.

And we also have the 3 new RYC books with lots of Martin Storey patterns: Coast, Mother and Baby, and Nature.

Keep in mind that I've only been in the shop about twenty minutes. There's no telling what else I'll find as the day wears on. So stop by and see us this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like another KAD (Koigu Acquisition Day) is in order. So hapy to see the bags of Koigu. Can't wait to see it in person. Pam